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Domain Hosting

The benefit of our web hosting is that we provide personalised customer support to manage your web hosting, along with the comfort of knowing that our web hosting can grow with your business.

With our hosting packages your company’s website will be fast and reliable, and it is easy to maintain your domain, including email addresses, email alias creation, adding host names and sub domains.

Our service also allows you to view web mail anywhere in the world. We have servers with extremely high up time and our hosting packages have many options so your website can be as versatile as you need it to be.

Domain Registration

With a domain name you can make your business stand out and be recognised. Giving your business an ‘Internet Name’ will provide you with a higher level of publicity and give your business the professional edge you need. Anyone in the world will be able to access your website, and you might just get the step ahead of your competitors.

We can register a new domain name, transfer an existing domain name or to continue with an expiring domain name. Some of the domain name extensions that we provide are as follows:


If you require any more information in regards to any of your domain services, please contact us.

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